About us

Gfinity plc is listed on AIM (LON:GFIN). We are a modern esports Company and a market leader in the large and fast growing esports and gaming sector. Our business model has evolved to reflect the rapidly developing market and the shifts in needs caused by COVID 19.

We have sharpened our strategic focus and have a clear plan for growth and monetization, based on products and services that we own, co-own and deliver for others.

The Company is focused in three distinct areas where we enjoy a strong competitive advantage and traction in the market

  1. Gfinity Digital Media Group – Our own fast-growing community of millions of gamers. The home of all things gamer lifestyle, our network of 13 websites has up to 15 million monthly active users, and delivers 70 million impressions per month on its social media channels.

  2. Joint Ventures and Partnerships – Ideas we co-own, that capture the imagination of partners who value and benefit from our expertise. Our skills – creative, production, game operations, community building; tech platforms and commercial – are fully utilised. We co-invest, are remunerated for the delivery of services and share the commercial upside.

  3. Building communities for others – Utilising company owned tech IP we design, develop and deliver commercially viable programmes for games publishers, sports rights holders, brands and media organisations. We are a market leader in creating virtual competitive gaming entertainment programmes and bring our community building skills to the table for our clients.

We have worked with and currently work alongside some of the world’s leading brands including Formula 1, the Premier League, Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management, Microsoft, EA Sports, Activision Blizzard, Amazon, BT Sport, SKY and many others.

There are more than 2 billion consumers that enjoy gaming, around 900 million who play competitively, 450 million of whom who are passionate esports fans. It is not a homogenous group. That is why everything we do is underpinned by consumer insights to make our programmes razor sharp.

Gfinity Company Presentation

Download latest presentation  | Last updated: August 2021