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‪Gfinity esports solutions are delineated into two categories:

Gfinity Challenger & Elite Series

Gfinity operates professional esports tournaments across multiple game titles. Each tournament has a clear path from bedroom to podium with an academy-style series - the Challenger Series - feeding into a pro series, the Elite Series.

Partner Events

Gfinity works with partners to create original end-to-end esports solutions for game publishers, sporting organisations, established brands and media platforms to engage with existing and potential consumers.

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Game & Tournament Management

With over five years of experience in the industry, Gfinity creates bespoke esports tournaments for games publishers, rights holders and brands. Gfinity will manage all league operations, including online qualifiers and LAN-based (Local Area Network) events together with an adjudication framework which supports all competitive gameplay to ensure parity and fair-play between players.


Using state-of-the-art production equipment, Gfinity produces quality esports content from fixed arena locations around the world or via remote broadcast stations built at specific events.

Gfinity works with partners to create unique distribution solutions for both digital streaming platforms and traditional TV networks.

Event Management

Each Gfinity event is implemented by internal account management and events teams, providing player and team liaisons, pre-tournament briefings, broadcast talent, VIP management, food and beverages, and accommodation.

Data & Analytics

By harnessing the power of the Gfinity community, partners can promote products and services through custom audience segmentation to drive relevant conversations. Through Gfinity's back-end technology, we are able to interface directly with partners' sales APIs.


The esports fan base is broad, and our event marketing focuses on multiple audience segments to drive brand engagement and encourage community interaction. As well as committed esports fanatics, we aim to reach more gaming and sports fans with every campaign we run, and we are just as interested in players at home as we are the pro teams and esports champions.

We leverage the Gfinity ecosystem in all of our campaigns including our websites, tournament platforms, video, CRM and social media. All events are further amplified with paid media to promote attendance and viewership and to drive digital traffic.


Gfinity owns and operates proprietary technology through digital tournament platforms. By using multiple databases and servers behind elastic load balancing technology, Gfinity's web application services atomically scale with traffic and load. This cutting-edge architecture allows us to offer numerous competitive gaming services across all platforms that are all synced to a central hub. This means that no matter where a consumer is within our EcoSystem, they have access to our full, bright and fun feature set.


Gfinity create credible and meaningful partnerships for brands and other third parties to connect with a young, engaged and affluent gaming audience. Gfinity has extensive experience with blue chip clients such as Unilever, Hewlett-Packard, AMD and many others in creating bespoke esports activations as well as impactful sponsorship offerings.

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Domino's Pizza
Formula 1
EA Sports
Activision Blizzard

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