Gfinity CEO John Clarke speaks with Proactive Investors after landing multi-year F1 Esports deal

Gfinity CEO John Clarke spoke with Proactive London’s Andrew Scott after announcing the signed agreement with Formula to deliver the main elements of the F1 Esports Series in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Watch the interview here.

Gfinity will deliver the Pro Draft Reveal show and the Pro series in 2020, the Challenger Series qualifying events, Pro Draft live show and Pro Series in 2021 and qualifying events in 2022.

It marks an extension of Gfinity’s relationship with F1 and Codemasters Group Holdings PLC, which produces the F1 video game series.

Gfinity has collaborated with the two groups to create the F1 Esports Series since 2017.

Gfinity CEO John Clarke said: “It’s the largest contract in Gfinity’s history. It demonstrates Formula 1 is committed to esports and developing that, and they are committed to Gfinity because we’ve demonstrated time and again over the last three years that we’re able to raise the bar in terms of what we do.”

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