Gfinity launches Only Mobile Gaming (OMG!) website and social channels

OMG! will cover the latest news, features and entertainment-based content across the mobile gaming sector.

Gfinity (AIM: GFIN), a world-leading esports and gaming solutions provider, today announces the launch of Only Mobile Gaming! (OMG!), a dedicated mobile gaming website and the latest addition to the Gfinity Digital Media group (GDM).

OMG! will cover the latest news, features and entertainment-based content across the mobile gaming sector, including some of the world’s biggest games such as Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go and Call of Duty. GDM has deployed a new in-house team dedicated to integrating and growing the website within the wider group network, leveraging‘s strong domain authority and existing user base including one million users who read about mobile gaming every month.

The site will benefit from GDM’s recent series of strategic advertising partnerships, including the expansion of its relationship with Venatus, aimed at promoting user numbers and monetising GDM’s web platforms via on-site advertising and branded deals.

Mobile gaming has proven particularly resilient over the past year, seeing revenue grow over 25% in 2020 – the biggest increase across all gaming segments. It is expected to continue to be the fastest-growing segment over the coming years.

John Clarke, Gfinity Chief Executive said: “GDM is a key strategic pillar of growth for Gfinity. Having a strengthened and dedicated position in the popular mobile gaming space is key to accelerating its expansion. With mobile forecasted to generate $90 billion in 2021 – over half the global games market – we expect OMG! to become one of GDM’s fastest growing sites, providing strong commercial opportunities. As we look to add more sites through organic growth and acquisitions, GDM will continue to drive strong financial performance across the group.”

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