Gfinity Head of Community, Talal Musa, on building organic growth and engaged communities across platforms

COVID-19 may have put the world’s major sporting events on hold, but the esports world is booming.

Gaming and social-distancing go hand in hand – some are rediscovering their love for gaming, others are using this period of self-isolation to master their favourite title.

Either way, talking to gamers – be that causal or competitive – is now key for brands.

But times have changed. Established social media platforms, once offering an opportunity for organic scale have changed to focusing on community engagement and meaningful interactions.

Websites, meanwhile, are at mercy of an ever-changing Google algorithm which ultimately rewards relevant, fresh content – driving more competition.

However, despite the changing landscape, Gfinity has scaled its platforms at an unprecedented speed and is in the best possible position to inform and entertain the gaming community.

RealSport has climbed from roughly 2m page views in April 2019 to touching 9m some months. has thrived, too – climbing from 14,000 monthly page views to 6m this month (March) – and it’s not even over yet!

Add to the mix our brand new Stealth Optional technology site, featuring journalists who have written for the likes of Eurogamer, Den of Geek and Wired, translation into Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese, and significant growth is highly likely in the coming months.

On social, Crowdtangle data* reveals’s Facebook and Instagram pages often punch well above our larger, more established competitors. Not a single penny was spent on sponsored content.

This growth was achieved by understanding and working far closer with every platform than ever before.

Whether that’s learning SEO best practice to work with, rather than against, the ever-changing Google algorithm, or jumping on to new, exciting platforms such as TikTok, publishers need to be proactive rather than reactive when deciding how to deliver content.

The team, too, reflects the audience we want to talk to. We’re a team of gamers, but all of us bring a unique specialist knowledge to the table – whether that’s die-hard FIFA players, former Call of Duty influencers or micro-gaming influencers in their own right.

Gfinity has many skill sets embedded in the team and one of them is our ability to build communities.

There’s a team of passionate content creators who have proved over the past seven-eight months that they’re able to grow and talk to a millions of gamers every month.

Where this gets really exciting is online tournament play – watch this space.

*January 2020 stats

Talal Musa joined Gfinity in April 2019, having worked as a Content Editor for News UK (The Sun / Dream Team) – specialising in SEO. His previous media roles include being a staff writer and editor for Daily Mail / MailOnline and numerous media strategy roles for the likes of Edelman and M&C Saatchi.


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