Gfinity Head of Digital Media, Talal Musa, provides an update on the fast-growing sector ahead of Q4

Gfinity Head of Digital Media Talal Musa appeared on the Vox Markets Podcast ahead of Q4 - check out the full interview here.

Following RealSport101‘s transition to our new CMS, Gfinity Head of Gfinity Media, Talal Musa, appeared on the Vox Markets Podcast.

Talal discussed the fast-growing sector, which is expected to boom in Q4, including:

  • Q4’s locked in deals with the likes of Cadbury, Dirt and more
  • September’s revenue up once again on August, breaking last month’s GDM revenue record
  • GDM’s growing ecosystem and network expansion, as we approach nearly 11 million users across our web channels


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