Gfinity Digital Media

Welcome to Gfinity Digital Media

Gfinity’s Digital Media Group was formed in 2020, and consists of a number of wholly-owned, gamer-centric websites including, and

Unprecedented growth

In July 2020 there were 10 million users, representing 641% growth in 12 months. This is supported by a social ecosystem that boasts a reach* of more than 50m.

All sites are fully optimised for ad and video serving – as well as offering the highest-quality experience on desktop, tablet and mobile.

We monetise our websites and social channels through CPM – programmatic static and video ads; CPA – affiliate sales and brand partnerships – site takeovers and social amplification.

Partnerships are in place with with industry leaders Venatus (ad serving); Trackonomics (e-commerce) and Connatix (onsite video player).

By gamers, for gamers

Gfinity+ has been launched to deepen engagement through rewards, incentives and giveaways.

We now offer sites in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic – with our international sites reaching more than 100,000 gamers every month.


Learn how you can access the Digital Media Group by downloading the GDM Overview Deck or contacting: [email protected]