Gfinity PLC

Founded in 2012, Gfinity Plc is a London-based esports entertainment group that provides a hub for a rapidly expanding global community of gamers from amateurs to pro gamers. Delivering both online and offline esports tournaments, Gfinity also produces industry-leading live broadcasts from the U.K’s first dedicated competitive gaming arena, the Gfinity Esports Arena.

Offering competitive gaming for a range of multi-million selling electronic competition games such as FIFA 18, Rocket League and Street Fighter V, Gfinity’s events attract millions of views from an attractive and highly targeted demographic. Successfully aligned with mainstream media, Gfinity’s Elite Series was broadcasted across BBC Three and BT Sport. Coupled with its gaming partnership with Eleven Sports, the Gfinity Elite Series is aired to around 70m homes across U.K, North America, Europe and Asia.

Growing at an unprecedented rate, the esports sector boasts 385.5 million esports fans worldwide, a figure that is expected to rise to 589 million by 2020. With 1.8 billion people globally playing video games, gaming culture possess a dedicated and active audience. Global esports awareness is set to reach 1.3 billion in 2017, generating $696 million in revenue. As a whole, esports revenues are predicted to grow by a CAGR (2015-2020) of 35.6% to reach $1,488 million by 2020.

With the Challenger Series and Elite Series, along with its full turnkey solution for brands looking to create their own esports opportunities, Gfinity aims to propel esports globally and raise awareness of it as a competitive spectator sport. Supporting Gfinity is a range of established, mainstream brands such as Microsoft, EA, Activision, Xbox, Gillette and HP.

Gfinity Challenger Series

To cater to esports beginners, Gfinity holds a Challenger Series, a competitive gaming series that anyone can enter, regardless of skill or experience. Nurturing gamers from a grassroots level, participants compete against each other to accumulate points that place them closer to becoming a pro gamer and being drafted into a professional esports team. As well as these all-important G points, competitors can also earn cash-prizes whilst brushing up on skills needed to succeed in the Elite Series.

With Rocket League, Street Fighter V and the recent edition of FIFA 18, making Gfinity the first accredited esports partner of the game, there are a number of avenues gamers can take to achieve pro gaming stardom.

Gfinity Elite Series

The Gfinity Elite series is a professional esports tournament where ten of the world’s best pro gaming teams (including exceL Esports, Team Envy and Team Infused) face-off against one another to achieve the winning title. Joining these teams will be a selection of the best up-and-coming gamers drafted from the Challenger Series.

Held at the Gfinity Esports Arena in Fulham, the Elite Series is a dynamic professional gaming competition, designed to reshape the way we see the esports industry. With a significant prize-pool up for grabs, the Gfinity Elite Series offers a natural progression from a casual gamer to a pro gamer playing in a professional esports team.

Gfinity Arena

The Gfinity Esports Arena located in Fulham Broadway, London, is the U.K’s first dedicated competitive gaming arena. Showcasing regular live esports tournaments across the full range of competition games, the arena has been selected to be the base of the biggest gaming events in current times.

Available to hire, the Gfinity Esports Arena provides an ample opportunity for brands to orchestrate an immersive experience, using industry-leading technology and assets. Open to both gaming sponsorships and esports sponsors, the Gfinity Esports Arena offers a hive of esports activity to benefit gaming partners.


Gfinity plc is incorporated in England and Wales and its main country of operation is the UK.

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